Hey there mushroom lovers! We've got something special for you. Have you ever struggled with growing your own mushrooms at home? It can be tough to get the temperature, humidity, air intake, and light just right, not to mention all the time and effort it takes to manage the process while trying to keep a full-time job. That's where our automatic mushroom system comes in. It's designed to make your mushroom growing experience, effective, easy and hassle-free, even for those without expertise in mushroom cultivation. With tight control over temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, Mycomatic allows you to grow better and faster mushrooms with ease.

At Mycomatic, we're passionate about making mushroom cultivation easy and accessible for everyone. Our inventor, Raul, has always had a love for growing plants and experimenting with different methods of cultivation. An automated hydroponic system project at high school sparked his interest in finding ways to automate and optimize the growth of plants.  When Raul became a parent, he was even more motivated to find ways to spend more time with his family while still working on creative projects. He discovered that mushroom cultivation was a step above in complexity compared to hydroponics and saw a gap in the market for a more user-friendly and efficient system. With this in mind, he set out to create Mycomatic, a new in-home mushroom growing system that makes it easy for people of all skill levels to cultivate delicious and nutritious mushrooms in the comfort of their own home thanks to its innovative approach to electronics and 3D parts that enhance traditional DIY fruiting chambers.

Our vision is to make Mycomatic affordable for everyone by providing a "how-to-build-it-yourself" guide, allowing you to get the exact elements you need. We also want to create a community of Mycomatic users, connecting all the machines to the cloud for data collection and insights on the best fruiting conditions for mushrooms. 

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