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Kickstarter - Essential Parts

Kickstarter - Essential Parts

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This package provides all the essential components (excluding the 66QT bin, readily available at Walmart or Target) to construct an automated monotub system using WiFi plugs activated via schedule as described in the Kickstarter campaign, reducing the need for manual intervention.

This design enhances functionality, and is simple to construct.

Ideal for all-in-one grow kits and grow bags, it creates and maintains the optimal mushroom growth environment.

Included items:

- 60mm Fan with filter box
- USB Humidifier (Donut style)
- 3 WiFi plugs
- 3 USB Power Blocks (for LED, Fan, Humidifier)
- USB LED Strip
- Cloop - Magnetic Cable Tie with base to help you keep cords organized
- Basic assembly manual for easy setup (PDF)

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